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The misalignment between Sales and Marketing is a challenge to be solved.

Alignment between Sales and Marketing

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Get to know the company
It is important to know what materials are used by the Sales and Marketing team and how the sales pitch with the customer is practiced.
Your Customer's Profile
We help define your current client’s profile and which is the ideal to be worked on. For this, we use a profile identification matrix that we want to share with you.
Communication is very important and improving the connection points between the stages of qualification and sales, with the intention of generating assertiveness, is the focus of this stage.
Beginning of the Project
We set up CRM, defining lists of leads to be hired, helping you customize and contextualize the message. We want to help you sell better.

The way to achieve alignment between the sales and marketing areas is different and unique and should be done according to the reality of each business. What is observed is that, for most sales departments, the importance of digital for the emergence of a potential customer is unclear.

The lack of clarity regarding this initial stage, the emergence of the business opportunity, does not help create the necessary alignment between these two departments, which are so important to the company.

With the intention of illustrating this problem and showing techniques on how to solve it, Goweb Agency has developed a specific training for sales teams that seek to generate greater assertiveness in their business initiatives.

Inside Sales - Goweb Agency

Onboarding for Inbound Sales

During this Onboarding, your sales team will experience:

Why Inbound is the Future of Sales:

The consumer is increasingly becoming more digital, and this ultimately interferes with the buying process. The lead (potential consumer) does not want to spend time with the salesperson, either investing their time in someone who understands the problem and who helps, offering a solution. This is the reality, and it will not change.

Questions that we help answer:

  • What can your sales team do to gain the trust of this potential buyer?
  • What are the benefits of better qualifying the lead?
  • When not to send a commercial proposal?

Seeking answers to these questions will evidence your business process. By exploring concepts such as: sales day, sales pitch, and persona, the sales team will be better prepared to attract and qualify the leads. This initiative tends to increase the assertiveness of business contacts. We will show them that Inbound is a competitive advantage for sales professionals!

Onboarding works as follows:

Onboarding - Goweb Agency

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