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Be recognized as a reference in the market in which you operate.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that was developed by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, founders of Hubspot.

This concept began to be recognized as of 2009, shortly after the launch of the book “Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs”.

Inbound Marketing aims to propose digital interactions that are relevant. These positive experiences are designed and created from people to people, the tool does what it’s planned. Technology is important, but the difference is in the human eye to perceive what is relevant to that particular audience.

This methodology relies on communicating the value proposition of your company to those who have an interest in a certain subject. Each content is planned according to the lead purchase journey, the purpose being to help the lead find the answer to the question they are looking for.

In practice, there are three great moments that define this concept and for each moment there is a set of actions that can be developed.

The Steps of an Inbound Marketing Project

During the Onboarding phase, we begin to identify the central pillars that will guide the entire Inbound Marketing strategy.

  • Personas Definition;
  • Buyer’s Journey;
  • Content Strategy;
  • SEO on Page Strategy;
  • Marketing Automation;
  • Paid media planning;
  • Landing Page Publication;
  • Landing Page Publication.
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Does Inbound Marketing Work For Your Business?


By positively connecting to your potential customer or some influencer within the purchasing process, you ultimately demonstrate your company’s value proposition to the market and your solution’s benefits. This is how you end up building credibility before you try to sell something.

No matter the segment, if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitor and have a better connection with your customers, this is the way to go. This is how your company can become a reference in the market in which it operates. When your goal is to position yourself in the consumer’s mind, it is through close connection and relationship that this will happen.

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Your company doesn’t sell online.
Would Inbound Marketing Work For Your Business?


You may not even sell online, but if you are thinking of building a digital reputation, this is the best way to do it.
The first posture focuses on relating and helping to later create a commercial proposal, being extremely feasible and suitable for any type of business. This is for both online and offline businesses.

Your digital channel (website, blog, social network) serves to sell a concept and to position your existing solution in the market.

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    How do our Inbound Marketing projects work?

    Our Inbound Marketing project encompasses the strategic and conceptual part.

    It is an action plan that has relation with strategic objectives of the brand, and its purpose is to generate results for your business!

    First we have an Onboarding period with the purpose of aligning several points that range from the value proposition of the brand, to how it will position itself in social networks. After this initial phase, we have a constant job, to develop actions with the intention of improving the Inbound Marketing Funnel.

    • To attract: We define strategies to get more visitors to your site;
    • To involve: We develop initiatives so that the visitor will be interested in talking to you. After this time, it is important to qualify to see what kind of interest they have in your brand;
    • To charm: Every customer’s interaction is an opportunity to showcase the benefits of your company, it’s an opportunity to make the sales process more comfortable for those who are interacting with you.

    Our planning considers the characteristics of each business and degree of maturity in the digital world. It is worth mentioning that we still worry about applying SEO techniques that go from the technical part to the content part.

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