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We accompany the construction of your digital identity.

Digital Monitoring

We accompany the construction of your digital identity

We help you identify the ideal profile of your client according to your business.
Mapping the customer's purchasing process
Knowing your customer’s buying behavior is vital to achieve commercial assertiveness and communicate with the consumer in a relevant way.
Content Strategy Definition
Follow-up to select the type of content to be created by your company.

We want to help you get further!

Goweb Agency has vast experience in the digital world and wants to share this knowledge with you. We know that to ensure realistic and more positive “this year” goals, we need to evaluate in detail the various metrics and data from the previous year.

In practice we will help you answer the following questions:

  1. Have you analyzed whether your sales have a connection to your site?
  2. What are the most relevant Google Analytics metrics for your business?
  3. Will last year’s actions, which gave the greatest results, still work this year?
  4. Do you know what your client’s buying trend is?
  5. What’s your competitor doing different?

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Together we accompany the construction of your digital identity!