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Making data-driven decisions is vital to any type of business.

Competitive Advantage

Monitor, generate reports and test.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
We install and configure Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager according your business’ needs.
Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel’s setting allows you to get to know your audience better within this social network, so you can discover the browsing habits and interests of your audience.
Google Ads
Having the Google Ads code installed inside your site makes it possible for you to analyze user behavior data in your digital environment, from advertising to site navigation.
Continuous Improvements
Based on the data collected, it is possible to know which variables can be changed and tested within your digital channel, with the intention of generating improvements and increasing the rate of new business opportunities.

A company that makes data-driven decisions has an operational advantage over competitors that lack targeted metric and data guidance.

At Goweb Agency, we make decisions through the data we collect and we turn that data into action. If your company is looking for a partner to help you make data-driven decisions, Goweb Agency can help!

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    Data > Information > Action

    Making data-driven decisions is vital to any type of business.

    For this data to result in positive actions, it is important to start measuring what is happening to your brand.

    Trust us in monitoring your digital environment, and this is an extremely appropriate initiative, as business opportunities are increasingly being initiated from the digital universe.

    We help you monitoring your customer’s behavior, because we believe that your website can be an excellent tool to generate new business opportunities.

    We work on the basis of the data collected and will help in the creation of tests that make sense for your business.

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    Together we’ll help you make the right decisions based on the data collected.