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Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales respects the new purchasing process, as the way to consume products, services or information has changed radically in recent years.

We identify the type of ideal client to be worked on by the company. This is done through a mapping process between the different types of current customers and those that the company would like to have.
Differentiate and Qualify
The differentiation happens with the intention of knowing which are the clients of greater value to the company and which clients are of greater potential.
Customize and Contextualize
In order to be able to act assertively, it is important to customize and contextualize the message, with the intention of generating an approximation to the client’s challenge and showing that you are capable of helping them solve their problem.
It is important to understand what is the communication tool used by your potential consumer. There is no best tool, there is the best combination of e-mail, telephone and face-to-face meetings, which complement each other in this scenario.

The process of buying and selling is also changing. This methodology serves to transform your sales process, making it more digital and assertive.

The goal is to understand the buying behavior of this new consumer, and make the sales process proactive for both the consumer and the seller.

Sellers, in turn, take a more contextualized and personalized approach when they know that the potential consumer has considerable interest in a particular solution.

The Inbound Sales model is based on the amount of leads generated and business opportunities that are worked on, the focus is to give speed and assertiveness to the sales process.

Inbound Sales Methodology

This methodology serves to transform your sales process, making it more digital and assertive.

Inside Sales Methodology - Goweb Agency

How we do it?

We develop a number of steps your company is going to take to make your lead targeting as assertive as possible.

The goal is to prioritize the leads that present themselves as qualified and that have a real intent of purchasing.

  • Sales Diagnostics: A commercial immersion is performed to understand the stages of the sales process;
  • Interviews: with the manager of the area and the commercial team;
  • Educational Material: Books, videos and blogs that address the subject are indicated;
  • Training on qualification techniques: how to identify if the lead has an intention to buy;
  • Implementation and Monitoring: After the training phase, we remain close to our clients because we believe that a partnership is built in theory and practice.

Simplify the sales process

We work with our own methodology, which aims to integrate the sales process with the company’s financial objectives.

We operate with a systematic approach understanding how your sales process works, what operating initiatives can have negative impacts on sales assertiveness and how you can improve those initiatives.  We work with our own methodology, which aims to integrate the sales process with the company’s financial objectives.

Our focus is on teaching how to do, and that is why we have developed a learning solution through specific training on topics that produce positive results, adapting the content to the reality of your company. We take time to understand in-depth how your business process works in practice by analyzing the interactions that have occurred in the past.

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    Qualify your business opportunities

    The focus is on identifying those who are currently buying.

    When we are talking about the sales process, much is said about generating leads and leads are potential interested (people or companies) in consuming your product or service. It is important to emphasize that these leads are business opportunities, that is, people or companies that have demonstrated some real interest to acquire a certain solution from you.

    Very important: These leads are not yet customers! Customers are people or companies that already buy or have bought a certain solution. In practice, they believe in their brand and have already gone through the commercial process, accepted a commercial proposal and already made a payment.

    Not all leads generated by the company will be customers. That’s why it’s important to identify and qualify those who have real purchase intent. To identify the opportunities that must be worked on, it is necessary to make a screening with the intention of discovering which leads are closer to the profile of the ideal customer. The focus is on identifying which leads are in the moment of purchase.

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