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portugal 2020

Portugal 2020 Program is an agreement between Portugal and the European Commission created with the objective of promoting Portugal between 2014 and 2020 through economic, social and territorial development. One of the measures contained in this program is the Research and Innovation Strategy of Portugal, which seeks scientific, technological and economic specialization, in which Portugal has competitive advantages or which reveal the potential for this.

Goweb Agency is an entity accredited by Portugal2020 to provide services for support in the areas of consultancy and implementation of digital marketing services, web development.

Portugal 2020 - Prémios e Distinções


DNS is a private non-profit association whose mission is to ensure the correct operation and maintenance of the domain.pt, promoting, continuously and nationally, the use of the internet through a service of reference and excellence with the community.

Has been a partner of Goweb Agency since 2000 in the management and maintenance of our customers’ domains.

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google partner

Google Partner is the Google platform that certifies that a specific person or agency has the latest knowledge about Google products, including products related to Advertising.

Goweb Agency has been a Google Partner in Google Ads since 2010.

Google Partner - Prémios e Distinções

rd station

RD Station is a Brazilian Digital Marketing platform that helps companies to attract visitors, increase opportunities and monitor all results.

Goweb Agency has been working with RD Station since 2018, and your help has been invaluable not only for our agency, but also for our clients.

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Hubspot is a marketing and sales platform that brings together software, education and the community to help companies grow daily and sustainably.

The Goweb Agency is a certified partner of Hubspot.

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Dott is the first large generalist Marketplace in Portugal, made from Portuguese to Portuguese, whose goal is to support Portuguese brands in their digitalization Goweb Agency is an official partner in the integration of ERP or E-commerce in Dott, being the only partner to integrate with the PHC. In September 2020 we launched an exclusive service for Goweb Agency clients with their websites developed on our platform (Goweb SiteManager6) with Dott’s Marketplace.

Dott - Prémios e Distinções


AA-ISP is the Global Inbound Sales Association whose purpose is to contribute to the development of the virtual sales profession. Its mission is to assist representatives and virtual sales leaders through content publishing, benchmarking, global conferences, career development and sales certification programs.

The CEO of the Goweb Agency, Sérgio Tavares, is one of the Association’s representatives in Portugal.

AA-ISP - Prémios e Distinções


Zaask is a service Marketplace whose objective is to facilitate business deals and other projects with the most appropriate professionals with the desired service.

Goweb Agency has been part of this Marketplace since 2020, having already achieved the Silver Profile.

Zaask - Prémios e Distinções

design rush

DesignRush is a digital Marketplace where you can find the best professional agencies in various press releases on a wide variety of topics such as web design, digital marketing, brand building, software development, among others.

In 2020, Goweb Agency was distinguished in the areas of E-commerce, Digital Marketing and Web Design on several occasions.

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The Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals seeks to contribute to the development of all Marketing professionals, sustaining their importance in the various sectors of the economy nationally, as well as promoting the updating of knowledge and trends in the area.

Goweb Agency became a member of APPM during the year 2020.

APPM - Prémios e Distinções


ACEPI – Associação da Economia Digital is a non-profit organization whose objective is to study and implement the various forms of Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising, promoting the dignification and generalization of this area in Portugal.

Goweb Agency has been an associate of ACEPI since 2020.

ACEPI - Prémios e Distinções

pagamentos pontuais

The Compromisso Pagamento Pontual initiative is promoted by ACEGE (Associação Cristã de Empresários e Gestores), whose objective is to challenge as many companies as possible to counter the trend of non-compliance with payment terms to suppliers.

Goweb Agency joined this initiative in 2019, ensuring 30 days as an average payment term to suppliers.

Pagamento Pontual - Prémios e Distinções

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