Sales Acceleration Techniques

Sales Acceleration Techniques


We all know that with more hours of work, more emails, more phone calls, more focus, more people, more advertising sales end up accelerating. However, you might be wondering: but will it be profitable that way?

Do we do everything at the same time? How do we measure? How do I know if I am using the best strategies?

All these questions are valid and, at some point in our life or working day, they pop into our mind, distracting us, taking away our energy, and causing us to lose such acceleration we want. 😊

There are no magical and foolproof recipes, but we can put the odds much higher if we use a plan and a series of automation to keep everything moving.

I have the habit of creating cycles of test and innovation, cycles these in time spaces and with moments for measurement. Here is a simple example:

  1. in the next 3 months (time-space) I will make three phone calls (cadence and consistency) courtesy to friends, customers, potential customers, etc.
  2. I point out how many of them call back, ask for a budget, invite to an event, etc.

My goal with this habit is not to sell, but to be remembered, to stay connected with the audience, and nurture the relationship. Does that make sense to you?

Starting or starting over may seem that we are not prepared, but I guarantee that if we are waiting for perfection the plan does not start.

This is a simple and quick plan to implement – when I say fast and something that is done in a few weeks or months. Personally, I really like working in 3-month cycles, but you should choose the time that best suits you.



(Idea x implement a number of days) + measurement = Sales acceleration techniques


Always think digital! I leave you a simple but consistent plan:

– make one to one post per week (3 networks)

– make one story per week (3 networks)

– write one article per week (LinkedIn, blog, or digital newspaper)

– record a video with a tip or subject you like to share (for Youtube)

– Once a month invest in acceleration (advertising) of algum post that has generated more interest. Even if this post is not a business-post will increase interest in the channel.

After this simple and easy-to-execute plan for any business, create new activities every 3 months.


It is not a thousand-year-old formula, but it is a formula that is going to work.

Never forget that diversity and consistency are the great engines! 😉


This article was written by Sérgio Tavares, CEO of Goweb Agency

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