LinkedIn Company Pages: why should you have them

LinkedIn Company Pages: why should you have them


Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network, aimed at creating professional networks in the most diverse professional areas. Currently, it has over 700 million users worldwide, presenting several advantages not only for professionals, but also for companies.

In today’s article we will focus on the business component of the network, letting you know which are the 3 main reasons that highlight the importance of creating your company’s LinkedIn page.


Company Promotion

Unlike your personal profile, the company page is fully public. This means that all your activities will be available to all users of the platform and will be easily found in search results.

In addition to filling out the basic page data, such as your company name, logo, industry, size and type of company, you should personalize your page as much as possible. This is additional information that you can, and should, provide to personalize your page and tell more about yourself:

  • Use a cover photo. This photo should show something that is related to your company (such as your logo with your tagline) or your field of activity;
  • Customize the title button. Here you can put a name that promotes a user action, such as “learn more”, “visit site” or “contact us”.
  • Place a description of your company. This is an essential point in any company’s LinkedIn profile. Briefly, but clearly and concisely describe what you do and what your value proposition is.
  • Add a hashtag. LinkedIn allows you to add up to three hashtags about your business. Note that you should choose hashtags that are relevant to your business.


Position yourself as an expert in your industry

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, Content Marketing is one of the most relevant Inbound marketing strategies when it comes to attracting new leads.

There are several types of content sharing formats on LinkedIn, but these are the ones that perform best in terms of audience engagement:

  • Plain text, which can include hashtags and mentions;
  • Text + images (limit of 9 images);
  • Polls – this type of content stimulates and increases the relevance of the publication;
  • Native videos – we already know that the video format is becoming more and more prominent, especially those of short duration. The native video is a totally organic content, not using any kind of advertising to appear in the users’ news feed.


Analyze your results

Unlike personal profiles, on your company page you can analyze the performance of your publications and get data regarding the number of impressions, clicks and how many (likes, comments, etc.) your publication had.

Besides this analysis, you can also analyze the evolution of the number of page visitors, followers and also your competition, something that is very important to monitor regularly.


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