Yesterday was the day of another edition of QSP Summit!

Ontem foi dia de mais uma edição da QSP Summit!

QSP Summit

Yesterday was the day of another edition of QSP Summit! We shared knowledge, made new contacts and, very importantly, we were able, once again, to learn from scientists, entrepreneurs, specialists, managers and marketers who every year make a point of participating in the QSP Summit!

Daniel Goleman – psychologist, writer and journalist – was in charge of the opening.
Emotional intelligence began to be more prominent and approached at a professional level due to Daniel Goleman’s work of study and dissemination:

What leads us to be successful when, many times, we are not who has a higher IQ or who has the technical knowledge most needed for a certain function?
Why aren’t we all leaders, of ourselves, and of others?
Why are we frustrated by other people’s behavior, for which we have no responsibility or can’t control, apparently?
What motivates us?

Today we know that many companies are already familiar with the importance of emotional intelligence, and that they hire much more based on the soft skills of future employees than on the academic averages indicated in CVs.

Another session that we highlight, one of the most interesting for our area of intervention, was Worklab: “Speed as a competitive advantage”, presented by Max Macintosh – Agency Head of Mobile – Google. Listening to it was like another day working at Goweb, with the best! 🙂
All the issues that we face on a daily basis, the obstacles that we overcome, all the information and training that we have the duty to give to our customers so that their sites are the best and fastest, those that stand out in Google and that beat the competition. We live our days in an ultra fast way, we are impatient, we do more and more of our shopping on our smartphone! The faster a website, the greater the advantage. Content is king, speed is key!

Starting in July this year, the less fast sites will suffer a “drop” in Google’s ranking. At Goweb we have the solutions, the tools and the experience to improve the performance of your website! If you didn’t have the opportunity to meet us yesterday at the QSP Summit, visit our website and contact us! 🙂

Ontem foi dia de mais uma edição da QSP Summit!
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