Website Redesign: When Should You Do It?

Website Redesign: When Should You Do It?


Currently, there is a great demand for innovation, differentiation, updating, and prominence in the digital world. Of the most varied types of business, everyone wants to somehow have a presence in digital, making it possible to reach the consumer/user much faster.

Daily we are invaded in our cell phones by content with the intention of encouraging purchases, access to information, or simply everyday trivialities. More than ever, those who develop corporate communication must be aware of trends and the behavior of their target audience.

In the case of a website redesign, this task should take into account aspects that will allow for a renewal of the image, but ensure that it is interconnected with the previous image so that a pattern of evolution of the corporate image is identified. not letting part of that same image cease to be interconnected with the existing one so far.

Redesigning a website can be done in two ways:

  • you can completely renew and change your entire communication image (rebranding) and/or;
  • choose only to renew the website and keep the current communication as it is until now. However, this option is inadvisable as there may be a risk of there being a problem of lack of connection between the website and the rest of the communication.

When you have a decision to go ahead with the redesign of your website, you must draw up a plan of ideas, where a well-structured website must be present and according to the message you want to convey. Thus, it will be possible to enhance your website for a more user-friendly use and in line with your marketing strategy.

These are the main reasons that prove the importance of website redesign:

1 – Add new features

Today, at a great pace, various interaction and performance devices are presented. It is, therefore, necessary to incorporate these new technologies into the website and thus provide the visitor with the best possible experience.

It must make a critical and constant evaluation in a certain period of time. You will not necessarily have to do a monthly redesign, but you should be aware of the market.

2 – The website is not having the desired results

Data from the website itself and how people feel when visiting it are excellent indicators of what should be reformulated to improve the website’s user experience.

There are, however, some questions that will allow you to get answers to your questions:

  • Is the call-to-action converting visitors into leads?
  • Do website pages influence visitors to spend more time on the website or are they just aesthetically pleasing pages?
  • Is the website content too extensive and corporate?
  • Does the website correctly convey the company’s message and voice to the target audience?

3 – The purpose of the website has changed

Marketing strategies evolve, they are constantly growing, adjusting to the intended results. Thus, it is essential that the results are analyzed to make it simpler and more effective to define new goals for the website.

A total redesign may not be necessary, but the small changes will help to re-attract frequent visitors and, above all, attract new interested parties.

4 – The website does not work 

Ineffective elements make the user feel unmotivated to browse the website and thus see the rest of the content. Therefore, the functionality should be the focus of any website.

5 – New web design strategy 

The new Webdesign strategy should focus on the importance of the user experience, since the better and simpler the navigation, the better it will capture the user’s attention.

6 – Website redesign is not responsive

The fact that 17% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices proves the indispensable character and importance of responsive websites.

If the website doesn’t fit or doesn’t work properly on devices such as smartphones and tablets, the company can lose potential visitors and consequently potential customers. Therefore, it should be imperative that all companies see adapting to mobile as a priority.

7 – Competitors changed their website

It is important that competitors’ websites are analyzed, in order to change the objectives of your own website, before redesigning. The important thing is to present new and better answers to potential customers.


These are some steps that you should keep in mind when proceeding with the development of your website. If they are well defined and applied, in the long term they will bring positive results for you and your company.

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