Warm Up QSP Summit 2021

Warm Up QSP Summit 2021


The QSP Summit is the most relevant Management and Marketing Conference in Europe, welcoming leaders from the four corners of the world who mark the biggest trends in the area.

The 14th Edition of the event was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the pandemic situation we experience, promises to be synonymous of growth and dynamism for the entire QSP Summit team – it will be an edition with twice the knowledge, twice the networking and therefore twice the experience.

This edition began with an Warm Up and took place on January 28th via online; the second session will be held next July at Exponor. Goweb Agency attended the warm up led by Nouriel Roubini and leaves him a “whiff” of what was said in this session:

  1.   Spirit of innovation: the pandemic switched turns to the QSP Summit organization, and rethought the presentation format of the event, to captivate the attention of participants and speakers, encouraging their participation;
  2.   Positive spirit: it is fundamental to face such an uncertain future and continue to work on innovation and continuous improvement of companies;
  3.   National and global economy: what vision should we have of the economic situation in 2021 and what will be the real impact of the pandemic on the world economy? What activities should we carry out to ensure economic recovery?

The QSP Summit is back in July 2021 at Exponor. Do not waste time and guarantee your registration now!

+info – www.qspsummit.pt

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