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Descrição do Projeto



Hygge is coziness, well-being, sharing moments of happiness with others. It is peace and tranquility, hygge are the moments in which we live the little things that make us happy. Touchygge is the way to achieve "touch happiness", is a way to find in other people, being yourself, a hygge style of being. It is a relationship site where you can choose 3 desires and find your love with the same desires. The touchygge logo was developed based on essential information shared in collaboration with the client and by creating a list of goals that the logo design should meet. It was intended a language that would convey the following concepts: "coziness", "protection", "happiness", "affection", "tranquility", "peace", "love", "passion". As for the color palette, it was suggested the use of warm colors, beige and brown, symbolizing the concepts mentioned above. In accordance with the client's design objectives, a lettering proposal was designed, focused on the name "hygge" and "touch" with the intended colors and graphic effects of lights in alternative versions of the logo corresponding to the "hygge" lifestyle.