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Descrição do Projeto

Imobili 1000


At IMOBILI1000 you have everything about real estate in Angola. Market news, real estate, prices, news and analysis, legislation, new real estate projects, advice and "tips" for investors. IMOBILI1000 helps to relaunch the real estate market in Angola. The logo of IMOBILI1000 was developed based on essential information shared in collaboration with the client and through the creation of a list of objectives that the design of the logo should meet. As for the colour palette, there was a preference for toasted yellow, a typical Angolan colour. There was a requirement on the part of the client to develop a modern logo with a non-serifed font highlighting the name to have visual impact. In accordance with the client's design objectives, a non serif font was chosen for the name "IMOBILI1000" and the respective slogan "PURCHASE, SALE AND MANAGEMENT OF REAL ESTATE.".