Mobile Photo Editing

Mobile Photo Editing


Photo editing covers a wide range of activities, with the purpose of changing the content of the photo.

The practice of photo editing is often criticized, or seen as a bad practice. Yet, even though it was perfect in its capture, there is always something to improve for a certain purpose. Or even to give a touch of creativity.

The photo editing process didn’t come with the digital age! 

The editing process has been used since the creation of the photograph. Even so, the process and photographic media have changed, as have the editing tools. The big difference is that the first editing tools were chemical or mechanical, while today they are digital.

For the more attentive, some tool icons in editing programs refer to analog resources, used in photo editing. Digital photo editing has already become a common practice, whether for a chromatic fit or a crop. 

With the need for this practice, there are more and more digital tools that allow us to edit photographs in an easy and intuitive way using some techniques such as:

  • clipping, 
  • resizing, 
  • brightness and contrast change, 
  • color corrections,
  • background removal
  • and… how far creativity takes us!

And because today we do everything with our smartphones, there are mobile applications for photo editing, whether it’s for free or not!

All smartphones already come as an application that allows you to capture and make some editing.

6 mobile apps for photo editing

In a personal or professional context, explore some editing techniques and enhance your photos. We leave you some examples of free applications, available on Android and IOS, where you can explore the world of editing in-depth:

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express: Application that allows editing and photo sharing. You can edit, paste, and mix images. It has some presets available, such as skin smoothing and the option to add advanced features in the premium version.
  2. Adobe Lightroom: This application is only for capturing and treating photos, and you cannot add other content, for example, text. It allows you to treat files in RAW format, making it possible to retrieve image information using your tools. This app also lets you organize and manage your photos into folders, albums, and labels.
  3. Snapseed: Application developed by Google. It has a wide variety of tools, effects, and filters. 
  4. VSCO: Allows the capture and editing of photos and video. It offers several filters and features.
  5. Afterlight: Perfect image editing application for quick and easy editing. It offers a variety of filters and features.
  6. Pixlr: Application with several editing features, as well as creation of various compositions. A vast catalog of effects and overlays, which you can always have at hand in your favorites.
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