Create an effective promotional campaign strategy on your website

Create an effective promotional campaign strategy on your website


Promotional campaigns are a strategy to increase sales and get more traffic to your website. On a marketing level, it is an effective strategy to reach existing customers as well as new customers. 


This type of strategy aims to create the need for conversion/purchase. However, for your campaigns to be successful, it is necessary to design an effective strategy, which must take into account several aspects, including:


Direct and simple promotions

Promote an easy-to-understand strategy, so that consumers perceive the benefit and click immediately on “buy now”. Two examples of this strategy are:

  • putting the price before and after the promotion, so that people understand the real value of the promotion.
  • promotional codes, which when you put it in the shopping cart you get a discount percentage. Ideally, this code should be visible in the ad/email/post…


Reward customers for an order value

Something to promote purchase, used in many brands, is to reward a discount or free product once they reach a certain value of purchase. This type of strategy makes the consumer buy a value to reach the reward.


Reward regular customers with offers

To reward regular customers or best customers on your website, it is important to retain them until they become brand influencers for free. Therefore, you can create a strategy to take them to the website and buy, as well as call people you know to do the same, as they are quite satisfied with the service/product. 


Try different promotions

Studying our target audience is essential to any strategy. However, different target audiences need different strategies. You’ve probably heard of A/B testing, which is an essential way of figuring out what works best for our target audience and meeting their needs/priorities.


Evaluate the service/product

A very important part of virtually every marketing strategy is customer reviews. Promotional campaigns are no exception, being crucial for many new and even existing customers. According to a study, it is estimated that nearly 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase.

Therefore, before starting the promotional campaign, be aware that your product/service has good reviews. 

In short, to make an effective promotional campaign you need a good strategy, which implies that you have to be attentive to your target audience, your customers and potential customers, in order to reach the intended goals. In addition, you must choose where you will do this campaign, which can be done through: email marketing, social networks, advertising, among others.

During the promotional campaign, don’t forget about potential new customers, in order to reward, create a good impression to build loyalty and increase your profit!

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