Content Marketing: 4 tips for an efficient strategy

Content Marketing: 4 tips for an efficient strategy


Everybody knows that “Content is King” and this is one of the most successful marketing strategies to attract new clients. However, for this to works, planning an effective content marketing strategy is crucial.

In today’s article, we are going to give you some tips on how to create an effective Content Marketing Strategy. But first things first, let’s start at the beginning:

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategy that aims to create and disseminate content to attract and retain a specific audience. When using this strategy, it is the customer/consumer that finds the company and not the other way around. This strategy has three main characteristics:

  1. Relevance: to establish a relationship with the potential client, it is essential that the elaborated content meets the interests of the target audience.
  2. Offer value: your content must be developed with the aim of satisfying a specific need of your target audience.
  3. Consistency: it is essential to be consistent in the process of creating and delivering new content, ensuring the regularity, quality, value, and purpose that your target audience is used to.

The purpose of this strategy is to establish a relationship with a potential customer by offering relevant, useful, and consistent content that satisfies their needs. Regarding its goals, these always depend on the company’s area of activity. However, these are the most common goals among several areas:

  • Increase brand awareness;
  • Boost the number of leads generated;
  • Increment the number of sales;
  • Increase the financial return;
  • Raise the number of visits to the website

Now that we learned the basics of Content Marketing, let’s talk strategy.


4 tips create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy


#1 Pay attention to your Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel shows the position of each one of your potential customers in their decision-making journey (awareness, evaluation, and purchase). This means that, for your strategy to be a success, you should create content for each phase of the funnel, so you can nurture your leads to lead them to the conversion phase.

#2 Your Content is also Data

The main feature of your Content Marketing Strategy should be quality and not quantity. When developing your strategy, you must create content that can engage your audience every time they hear you have something new coming up. To do this, you must keep track of analytics and measure continuously your results to see where your leads are coming from and where they are going. By doing this, you will understand your audience’s preferences, interests, and purchasing behavior.

#3 Create a Content Calendar

Having a content calendar is vital for the success of your strategy. As referred before, consistency is key. In this calendar you should:

  • Register all the content you have
  • Set dates to write, revise and publish content, as well as who is going to create it;
  • Topic or title of the content
  • Details of what the content will be about
  • What are the keywords
  • Who is the persona or for which stage of the sales funnel is the content?
  • What does the content offer? What is the CTA (call-to-action)?
#4 Repurpose

After the creation of your content strategy, you have a direction to follow. You know your content, and you know where you are going to publish it. However, this is not the end of your content strategy. You have lots of content and lots of channels to publish it, like, blog, social media, and so on.

So why not repurpose the content you already have? This is a good strategy for sharing your content in more than one channel. For example, you can:

  • Organize a webinar based on a topic of a blog post;
  • Develop a PDF guide or an eBook based on old blog posts that are still relevant;
  • Create an Instagram Reels or a TikTok video about your most engaged blog post;

There is an infinity of ways you can repurpose your content and increase your content engagement.


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