Case Study: Cosmake Exclusive Cosmetics

Case Study: Cosmake Exclusive Cosmetics



Cosmake is a distribution and training company with over 17 years of experience in the cosmetics market. It represents, exclusively in Portugal, the brands Evagarden, Gewhol and Selvert Thermal.


Cosmake arrived at Goweb Agency in mid-2020 with two main challenges:

  • For more than 17 years, Cosmake’s client was professionals in this area, and they wanted to expand their business to the final customer – main need
  • They needed help with business strategy and implementation, since their new target audience was different from the one they had been working with – challenge 

With these needs and challenges, Goweb Agency created a business strategy for the final customer and adjusted the strategy for the professional client. In addition to the creation of the strategy, our work included its implementation, covering the areas of advertising, inbound marketing, inbound sales, social networks and outbound. In this way, it was possible, on the one hand, to work with the professional client with a communication strategy exclusively for him, and, on the other hand, to reach the consumer through a communication strategy and channels different from the professional client.

At the same time that we developed the Marketing strategy, the client also presented us with challenges in the area of ​​web development, namely:

  • The website they had at the time did not correspond to the needs of the business – main need
  • The Client wanted to make their online business grow, either either with the final client or with the professional client, and, therefore, it needed different platforms for its target audience – challenge

Bearing these needs in mind, Goweb Agency created two websites: one for the final client and the other for the professional customer.

  • For the final customer, an e-commerce was developed, which bets on the simplicity and intuition of the design and navigation on the website for a better user experience. You can visit the website at https://cosmake.pt/
  • For the professional client, the website they already had was redesigned, keeping the focus on simplicity and intuitive navigation, and the “Cosmake Academy” menu was added, where users can find information about all the training courses offered by Cosmake.

This project was challenging for the entire team involved as it involved the creation of strategies and platforms aimed at two different target audiences. The customer was satisfied with the final result.


“Goweb assumes a 360º role in a company’s digital communication. It’s a pleasure to work with people who are solution-oriented and not problem-oriented. Goweb’s team is professional, engaged, extremely proactive, humble and a lot of fun. They are an example of the environment of the future.” – Tiago Carvalho, Head of Business Development 

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