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Descrição do Projeto

HMendes Team


The HMendes Team is a team of Two Real Estate Managers, which was constituted in order to take advantage of synergies arising from our path in the commercial area of the real estate sector. Allied to their experience they also count on their academic training, which together translates into unique advantages to better deal with the current paradigm of the real estate market, where a high competitive level prevails.The HMendes Team logo was developed based on essential information shared in collaboration with the client and through the creation of a list of objectives that the logo design should meet. It was intended to create its own brand that was not directly allied to the real estate business, but respected the following values: "union", "team", "dynamism", "movement", "synergy". As for the colour palette, there was a preference for the red and blue colours. In accordance with the client's design objectives, a circular graphic piece was designed with the colours agreed above with lettering "HMendes team" in serif font.